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Stainless Steel Melbourne
Commercial Products
We can manufacture any bench to any size - "L" shaped; "U" shaped; dishwashing inlet-outlet benches; benches with drawers, shelves, upstands, splashbacks - we are only limited by your imagination!
Prep bench with under shelves
Tanks manufactured in 316 stainless steel on galvanised forklift bases for the Pharmaceutical industry.
Grape bucket for the Wine industry.
Hot food transport trolley made for a prison.
Internal view of hot food transport trolley.
Packing bench
Alltype stainless steel offers commercial stainless steel benches made of high quality stainless steel that are custom made to fit the customer requirements. We provide stainless steel benches that are suitable for kitchens in restaurants, clubs, hotels, canteens and they are mainly general duty. We are proud to state that our stainless steel benches have been installed throughout Melbourne.

Manufactured from 1.6mm 304 finish Stainless Steel, our benches are ideal for installation in large setups like restaurants. The benches being timber backed work affectively against vermin and moisture. Thus, the seal of timber sheet on our products meets the health regulations.

Commercial stainless steel benches are fitted with stainless steel legs and adjustable feet to allow for falls to floor drains. These benches either come in dry or wet configuration. Dry benches are flat working benches and wet benches have a raised lip to the perimeter of the bench in order to prevent moisture from reaching to the floor.

There are a number of options when it comes to manufacturing stainless steel benches. Under shelves and over shelves are options; while the question of their being either single or multiple also need to be specified. Moreover, these may be of flat sheet, square tube bars or perforated. Alltypes caters to all requirements of the clients.

Grade of stainless steel should be chosen keeping in mind for what application is the product going to be used. The two main grades that are usually used for manufacturing steel products are 304 and 316 grade steel. 304-grade steel is usually used in food applications while 316 is used for highly corrosive applications as it resists corrosion.

We take pride in design and installation of the best commercial stainless steel benches. Our service is one of its kinds in the city and our clients are satisfied by our services.

We have developed our reputation to manufacture stainless steel benches of highest quality ensuring custom design to suit customer's need and proper installation. From on-site visit to the final installation, we do the whole project. We do not sub-contract our work to anyone else.

There is nothing that we do not know about stainless steel benches. Why not draw on our knowledge and expertise, and fit your business out with the best in quality stainless steel benches.

We always make sure that your requirements are met to your satisfaction with the most economical configuration possible for all commercial stainless steel benches.

Get in touch with us today to find out the reason behind our success and experience why we are the best commercial stainless steel benches service provider in the country.

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