Stainless Steel Melbourne
Stainless Steel Melbourne
Stainless Steel Melbourne

Domestic Stainless Steel Benches

Alltype Stainless Steel manufactures stainless steel benches using finest quality stainless steel. Available in a wide range, these are ideal for use both in domestic and commercial kitchens, including restaurants, clubs, hotels, hospitals and canteens. To suit your needs and requirements, we offer custom designs as well as standard stainless steel benches. We take pride in installing the stainless steel benches in much parts of the Melbourne city.

Very few kitchens are as impressive and complete as a stainless steel kitchen. Stainless steel benches are very easy to clean. Their durability, appearance and style set them apart from standard domestic kitchens. Stainless steel benches are widely used in commercial kitchens due to their durability and hygienic features, which are the paramount in a cooking environment.
Stainless Steel Benches
Alltype stainless steel manufactures stainless steel benches that are custom designed to suit each specific project. We design and install stainless steel benches. Designers, architects and homeowners are among many of our clients.

Design and installation of stainless steel benches Melbourne by Alltype stainless steel have been successful since the beginning of our journey. Our services make us stand out among rest of the stainless steel benches workmanship in Melbourne.

Our clients are always satisfied from the exceptional services we provide them, including the exceptional design that is in line with their needs and the friendly communication which is another highlight of our service and the main reason behind our success. Our clients trust us as we deliver services promised by our company at the most compatible rates among all stainless steel benches manufacturers across Melbourne.

We deliver stainless steel products made from high quality stainless steel that is durable. All the products manufactured at Alltype stainless steel are made from 1.6mm 304 finish Stainless Steel. These are timber backed with the timber-sheeted cover and sealed against moisture and vermin to meet Health Regulations.

We take complete care to uphold the high standards set by our company and extend the best services to our clients who vest their trust in our company's name so that they are never let down by any kind of imperfection in the details of our products.

With a considerable amount of time in operation, you can be sure that Alltype stainless steel has the expertise, industrial knowledge and resource to accomplish manufacturing tasks whether large or small. Contact us today and get in touch with one of Australia's best stainless steel manufacturers!
Domestic bathroom bench - looks elegant with patterned bench top and drop-in bowls.
Checkered bench top - made out of 304 food grade stainless, is a patterned stainless which goes through several separate processes to form the pattern. It does not show up rub marks and is very servicable for a bench top.

These benches can be made with integrated bowls to whichever sizes you require - "L" shaped, "U" shaped and straight benches. Pricing compares favourably to stone bench tops.
"L" shaped bench section of above picture.
Island bench - made out of 304 food grade stainless steel. It can also have integrated bowls if required, as well as step-down areas for chopping boards.
Bullnosed breakfast bench top - added to form a "U" shaped bench with cook top and integrated bowl areas.

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